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First Post

This is a test post for my new blog. It’s the 30th January 2014. I’m used to ‘turning up’ at a blank page but it’s a different feeling facing a blank cyber-page. One of the main things that strikes me is the immediacy with which anything I write will be available to be read, anywhere by anybody (always predicated on the rather vain thought that anybody would want to read it, of course). Once I press the button, choice is gone – choice to edit, retract, not show this to anyone. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing? I think it was Johnson who countered that ‘speech is golden, while silence is silver – and only silver plated at that’. Yet though, there’s enough drivel dripping through the ether and the last thing I want is to add more. ┬áBut finally, perhaps blogging is an antidote to procrastination such as the above!! I’ll be back…