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Great Southern Trail: a zen for all seasons

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Last week I had this experience. Cycling on the Great Southern Trail in lovely sunshine and then a rapid cloudburst that sent me scurrying underneath an old stone overbridge where I met a neighbour and we spent a while chatting about things local and global, as the warm rain fell in that light shimmery torrent you get this time of year when it’s near thunder. I took a few pictures as we waited it out then off on my bike again to witness the gradual drying of the ground in front of me as I cycled along for miles and miles. One part of the trail particularly, was exploding with little birds of all kinds; flying close to the ground criss-crossing my track and weaving between the hedges. The rain had swelled the little rivulets that flow at points beneath the trail so they aspired to greater waterfalls, but only for a ¬†little while. Small things are the most important things when you really look at them. And oh the luck to live so close to this beautiful trail! It’s truly a zen for all seasons.