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They call us Senior Citizens but treat us like Old Fools


We will never

get the pension by the time we’re pension age, that is – pension age by today’s standards, because by the time we get there, it’ll have moved up another notch.

We won’t be able

to afford to fix our eyes, our hearts or our joints despite the fact we’ve probably paid private health insurance all of our working lives…since the government hoodwinked us into it way back. Way back when we believed what we heard. We won’t have the right to be cared for when we become unable. We won’t have the right to remain in our own familiar home. Adequate food, heating and travel may very likely not be there for us if current policy continues.

A call to arms

for older people, coming up to the election this year. Don’t let them get away with taking any more from us. For young people, remember you too are on the road to ageing. Don’t let them disappear the road before you even get there. Use your vote to make sure that no further entitlements are taken from older people, and ultimately  from the future you.  We must pull together on this. Let’s protect our rights to a good old age. Let’s not allow them lead us all beyond a point of no return.